Supplements and sourcing good food

Nutritional supplements are advisable for all Lyme sufferers on treatment

Expert medical opinion in the Lyme world reinforces the need for adequate dietary supplementation. For reference of this statement I will refer you to "Advanced Topics in Lyme disease" by Joseph Burruscano MD an American Doctor. You can access this on the web at    if you wish to.

I am going to refer to pages 27 and 28 of the 2008 Burruscano document and produce a precis in plain English and advance the concepts using Australian products. Disclaimer: No I don't own any shares in these companies.

I find many of my patients just simply cant afford these. For these people I give the following advice. I believe the advice is suitable for all Lyme sufferers.

Fresh is best - grow it or be prepared to shop much more often to keep your home supply small but fresh.

Proper nutrition is gained by sourcing food fresh and in a large variety. This is not gained on the supermarket restaurant and take away food merry go round because the food is highly processed, pre prepared and packaged and people tend to buy and eat the same things all the time, over and over again.

Best nutritional advice is selecting 30 or more food substances in a day. Some will be in trace quantity in the meal. Then if you can be selecting a large range and differing the 30's as much as possible each day, you are getting the right variety. 

Avoid "standard" chicken, it has been fed antibiotic and growth hormone. Source free range chicken and eggs.
Avoid lot fed beef, these beasts may have been fed a powerful antibiotic.
Avoid farmed salmon (Tasmanian). Most fish farms again use antibiotics.
Lamb is ok and fresh pork is ok. Do you know a lot of processed pork in our country is imported and we need to consider its origin.

Get 5-10 mins a day sun exposure to at least the face and forearms 2 hours each side of the midday sun - TO BOOST YOUR VITAMIN D LEVEL.

Now for those who can afford it

I am lifting this information directly from the Burrascano document. Dont go buying the myriad of suggestions you will find with web searching.

Vitamin C 1000mg to 6000mg daily as tolerated (High dosage can cause indigestion, wind and loose stools)
Green Tea (decaffeinated) 4 cups daily
You can buy capsules at health food stores - but mix up the brands and use 6 caps a day
Also Kefir is excellent here. It is probably best described as a Turkish form of yoghurt and you can learn to culture it at home very easily. Use 60-120ml a day.
Try Blackmores products here
300 to 400mg daily. This is a supplement that helps heart muscle
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Use 300mg twice a day on an empty stomach. It is used in the transformation of glucose into energy. It is also an antioxidant.
Vitamin B complex. Buy Blackmores. If you have nerve damage (neuropathy) you will also need vitamin B6 at a dose of 50mg daily.
Magmin (Blackmores) one twice a day. Known side effect is sore legs.
Essential fatty acids - either
~ GLA omega 6 (plant derived) - buy the liquid not caps and keep refrigerated. Dose 1-2 tablespoons daily
~ EPA omega 3 (fish oils) - 4 caps a day. You should be looking for a krill source here to avoid heavy metal intake
NT factor
This stands for neurotrophic factor which implies a substance for nerve development