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All primary care medical practitioners (GP's) practice preventive care

At this practice we have developed special mechanisms for certain preventive measures. Mostly this arose because of inordinately high numbers of these problems

Paediatric Vaccinations 

We provide the complete range of vaccinations from birth

 through to 15 years of age - any working hour - any open day

Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccination 

We have a system to deal with these every year starting in March and call patients by the end of April if you have not been in earlier

Skin cancer
This is a major cause of problem in our sun drenched Australian climate. 

Even more so is this a problem in coastal Laurieton where many older people have come to retire and spend so much time in the sun

High Cholesterol
At our centre we offer cholesterol tests at appropriate intervals. This test includes the subdivisions of cholesterol known as HDL and LDL. It also incorporates a sugar test

Many think obesity is a chronic problem for some people. Unfortunately it is worse than we think because as you look at this Australians are putting on even more weight than ever before. We advise a low fat diet and increased exercise. Ask us about our program

Enhanced Primary Care

We now do specific annual check ups for people at and over 75 years of age - see the Health Assessments page

Also we now do Chronic Disease Management Plans for people with chronic illnesses. By example if you go to the diabetes page you will see diabetic plans discussed. A plan can be done for any chronic illness involving more than one discipline. They are designed to encourage general practitioners to improve outcomes in the management of chronic illnesses