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Diabetes Management  at Laurieton Medical Centre

Welcome to YOUR diabetes pages

We have seen dramatic improvement in diabetes control at the practice since 2003. This is due to more exercise, new oral tablets and a new insulins.

For those who have put the extra effort into exercise - CONGRATULATIONS

At our diabetic clinic we strive to achieve the ideal of total patient education about diabetes. We recognise this is not an overnight event. Indeed it is ongoing and evolving as the nature of the disease changes in any one individual. 

We are constantly attentive to the need to present the facts and double check that meaningful practical knowledge about diabetes is developing. By doing this we entrust and enable a diabetic to manage their own disease. Nowhere in medicine is this need so important.

One clear message to every diabetic and pre-diabetic is that obesity is a key control factor and that it has been known since 2001 that it is technically possible to reverse some of the disease process with weight loss. Everything we do for the diabetic is aimed at minimising harm, and where at all possible improving outcomes.

The other key control factor is adequate exercise

So take our diabetes tour and return whenever you need. We expect these pages to never be static.

What we do and organise

Thorough Medical assessment - we do this every 6 months

Diabetes Educator assessment and Diabetes Dietitian assessment - where needed

Eye checks by an ophthalmologist - every 12- 18 months

Renal, Cardiac, podiatry and other referral where indicated

A Diabetes Care Plan is prepared for all our patients once a year incorporating all the above. The printed version for the patient contains all the cumulative diabetic history at the practice. This becomes useful for their own information and also for other medical and paramedical facilities that they may visit. Regular reviews are needed for the individual during the year and this information is incorporated into the original. For all diabetics this is at the 3 and 6 month mark, and the 9 month mark if on insulin.

What we want you to know

Alcohol and diabetes is a very difficult problem. In the body's chemistry alcohol is always metabolised first sugars second. This preferential burning of alcohol causes serious drama for insulin users but is not quite so harmful to non insulin dependent diabetics. The ingestion of moderate quantities of alcohol is followed a few hours later by severe hypoglycaemia as the liver fails to make and release new sugar whilst still burning up the last dregs of alcohol.

The advice we give is
- If using higher doses of insulin total avoidance of alcohol is essential.
- If using lower doses of insulin the consumption of 1 and possibly 2 units of alcohol in a day  is permissible though not advisable. If you have to then stay within this limit.
- If taking tablets for diabetes it is possible to consume 2 units safely per day and this is providing there is no evidence of alcohol damage to your body anywhere.
- No diabetic should EVER consume 3 or more units of alcohol in a day

Complications click here

Children  For children special diabetes educators visit the area from Westmead Children's Hospital, Sydney. The children attend that hospital twice a year at least. Also there is the
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Australia, PO Box 1500 (5 Havilah Street) Chatswood. This is affiliated with The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Diagnosis and Types click here

Diet A low fat diet is essential in controlling diabetes and trying to prevent all the complications. See our page Low Fat Intake . Combined with this a knowledge of the "Glycaemic Index" of different foods is very important. We encourage all our diabetics to learn about this from our dietitian. If a diabetic is appreciably overweight they will also need to see a dietitian. We organise this where appropriate.

Education about diabetes is absolutely essential. This centre employs a diabetes educator to assist with this. In addition of course the doctors and trained nurses are always willing to help with any questions and trouble spots. Other sources are the diabetes association DIABETES AUSTRALIA and the internet

Endocrine Referral is difficult where we live. The nearest endocrinologists are 2.5 hrs away by car at Newcastle. Several of our insulin dependent diabetics see these specialists there or otherwise in Sydney

Exercise is of major importance to diabetics. Exercise will burn up sugars instead of needing insulin to do this (either injected or natural). A diabetic who exercises needs less insulin. We recommend 30 minutes a day of exertive activity in addition to your normal days activity. In people over 50 years walking at a solid pace will do this

Eyesight Diabetes is a major cause of damage to eyesight even in young diabetics. Today it is one of the major causes of permanent blindness. It is essential to have your eyes reviewed by an eye doctor periodically. We organise this in our assessments once a year

Infections are a major source of problem for diabetics. Often the only thing that appears wrong is a sudden increase in sugar levels. SEEK medical advice immediately if you think you have an infection or sugar levels remain high for a second day

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes - Attention to preventing obesity, eating a low fat diet and regular exercise can prevent this type of diabetes ever manifesting. This is particularly important if there is a family history of diabetes

Smoking - You do not smoke if you are a diabetic. Ask us for help.

Weight - Obesity is a cause of diabetes and also a cause of deterioration of diabetic status. All too often we see an obese diabetic on oral medication deteriorate markedly because of weight gain and end up on insulin. This of course only compounds the problem. Our tabulated results show categorically that weight gain and deterioration of diabetic control march hand in hand

Laurieton Diabetes Study

Clinic Results For table of average results since 1997 (Diabetes Results Table) - click here