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Lyme Disease Australia 
and associated TBD (Tick born diseases)

Lyme disease (Borreliosis) is here to stay. Its not a rural disease, its in the suburbs too

See the latest ACIDS guidelines for Australia
Dr Mayne is a member of ACIDS - Australian Chronic Infectious Disease Society

New additional website
Sydney Lyme Clinic 
A new concept in care for Lyme illness (borreliosis)

Powerful news item on French National TV
In 2 mins 38 secs this short video transmits most of our Australian problem with this disease
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ABji9ebeKf0&feature=youtu.be


Many people are having hyperthermia treatment overseas 

and returning worse than when they set off

 This is because of unrecognised and  untreated lyme co-infections, 
which flare immediately after the hyperthermia

Dr Mayne has returned to limited work at this stage and is working in the areas of dermatology, skin cancer and Lyme disease. For Lyme disease a patient requires a referral from a "willing" doctor - a doctor prepared to be involved in your treatment. This is because Dr Mayne has ongoing health issues that will require hospitalisation and time away from his practice during 2015 and possibly into 2016. 
Thank you 
Peter Mayne

Lyme disease is being called borreliosis in Australia

Not only do we have Lyme disease but also babesia, bartonella, anaplasmosis, ehrlichia chaffeensis infection and rickettsiae, all as coinfections most likely introduced at the same time. Then we also have other problematic coinfections with chlamydia pneumoniae, mycoplasma (including fermentans), Q fever and brucellosis. 

20 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Is underdiagnosed
http://lyme.kaiserpapers.org/ 20-reasons-why-lyme-disease- is-undiagnosed.html 

Dr Mayne is a member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society). 

Morgellons Disease - a skin manifestation of Borrelia infection
see the Morgellons page for startling new research April 2012 proving this disorder is not delusional

Disclaimer: This component of the website is produced for education purposes only. It is absolutely not produced for the purpose of self diagnosis and reliance on any information within without personal direct medical advice during consultation is to be absolutely, in all possible ways, advised against. 

From 1992 Dr Mayne has had an intense interest in the early initial infection, erythema migrans (EM) that goes on to cause chronic lyme disease. This interest was sharpened by the dermatology diploma he did in 2005 in terms of early recognition of the disease and also the unique skin manifestation that can rarely occur much later in the disease. See photos on this hyperlink.

Dr Mayne became involved with Australian PCR detection of the disease in some of his longstanding EM patients over 2008 and 2009. PCR detection of any disease is superior to tests relying on serology. Indeed you can have negative serology with positive PCR and this is particularly so in lyme disease.

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