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Dr Peter Mayne, Laurieton Medical Centre, 89 Bold St Laurieton 2443 Australia


LYME DISEASE endemic Australia - it exists here


Lyme disease is in Australia but not the arthritic form found in North America, rather the neurological form found across Europe and Asia

Dr Peter James Mayne
MBBS Sydney University 
DPD (Dermatology) Cardiff University 2005
IDD International Dermoscopy Diploma Graz University 2008 - Distinction


Dr Mayne is now retired after coronary bypass surgery and then 2 strokes. He has recovered well, but will not be returning to his practice.

Information from his previous website has been sought and that data is now presented in a modified format:

At all times bear in mind that this is what he used to do

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Dr Mayne, 89 Bold St, Laurieton 2443 NSW Australia

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